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Working in disability support services in Melbourne is a great career

Melbourne is in the southernmost part of mainland Australia, home to a diverse range of cultures. Almost 50 percent of Victorians were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was born overseas. If you're relocating to Melbourne, you'll love the rich culture and heritage. If you’re looking for work in disability support services in Melbourne, you’re in the right place. 

Melba Support is a registered NDIS provider Melbourne caring for people with disability of all ages. There are usually support worker jobs available with Melba Support in various locations across Melbourne, due to the high demand for NDIS services from Melba.

Don't worry if you've never worked in disability before. You don't need previous experience. Melba will train you and pay all on-boarding expenses, Ts&Cs apply.

You might:

· already have a job in retail, a trade, customer service

· be studying for a different career path

· relocating from overseas

· have never worked in disability before

· already work in the health sector

· be unemployed or retired

Working in disability support services is a great 'for-purpose' job. It's rewarding, challenging, and enriching as you make new friends with people supported and fellow support workers.

The areas you can work in at Melba Support

Being a disability support worker, is just one area you can work in. Melba Support has a suite of NDIS services you can work in, such as being a support coordinator, a carer in a respite home, the leader at a supported independent living home, or some other area, such as administration. The teams all work together towards the same goal... to assist a person supported to live a fabulous life.

If you choose to be a support worker with Melba, your role can include:

· assisting the person with personal care tasks (eating, washing, dressing, etc.)

· assisting the person to prepare and cook meals

· ensuring correct medication is taken

· assisting the person to gain confidence in other life skills

· taking the person to the movies, for a meal out, or to visit a local attraction

· assisting the person with activities in the local community

· and more

To hear other staff share what it’s like being a support worker, watch their testimonials now.

For answers to frequently asked questions, click here

Melba offers competitive benefits

Melba is focussed on offering a high standard of employment for all staff.

Some of the benefits include:

· on-boarding expenses covered, Ts&Cs apply

· support from Outcomes and Operations Managers

· work flexibility

· work locally

· job security

· career progression

Ready to start?

To enquire about job vacancies and to apply, contact us now. 

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