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Your support is amazing

Your support helps us to undertake specific projects to support people to live fabulous lives. We are continually grateful for the generosity of our supporters and the significant difference they make to Melba.

At Melba, our vision is to open up a world of opportunities for people to live life proudly, joyously, creatively and adventurously.


We typically seek your financial support for exciting initiatives such as our Anderson Street Lilydale housing development, and an all-abilities commercial kitchen for the Able Bake House.


Last year, many donated to our ongoing efforts to help protect the health and safety of all people at Melba during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This year our focus is more fundamental to the work we do – your donation can open up opportunities and make things happen for more people we support to pursue creative endeavours.


Your donation can help us to branch out Arthur Creative services, which is a Ballarat-based program that supports people with disability to explore their creative abilities or to build a career in the arts.


Arthur Creative is a vibrant community of artists. Many of the artists and performers have had their work exhibited and sold across Ballarat and Melbourne. We are keen to branch out and provide opportunity for budding artists across Victoria.


A person’s ability to explore and pursue creative endeavours is important for freedom of individual expression, feeling connected to others through the arts, and being part of something that helps you extend your abilities to where your imagination can take you.


Your generous donation towards this can help us to turn this into a reality for more people we support.

ways to donate:

Your support helps us undertake specific projects to support people to live the lives that they choose. We're thankful for the generosity of supporters and significant difference they make to Melba.

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To give a secure one-off or recurring donation online, go to our:


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