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Melba’s ARROW group gives you a voice

Being heard is important. As a trusted NDIS provider Victoria, Melba is continually looking at ways to improve our services and ensure that you are heard. This is why we formed the ARROW group.

arrow stands foR:

Advocacy | Rights | representation | outcomes | worth



ARROW is a participant group representing everyone who purchases our services. More than just an advisory group, ARROW provides valuable feedback to Melba on how we are doing. They support our participants to self-advocate and provide their own feedback, as well as taking on different projects within Melba and the wider community. ARROW is split into regional groups to make sure every area is represented. If you use services from Melba, you can join an ARROW group in your region.


Download information about ARROW:

ARROW Terms of Reference



ARROW is a combination of advisory groups from Melba and Impact Support Services, who merged in 2015. The joint committee became ARROW – a group with a broader focus who provide valuable feedback to Melba on the quality of our services and participate in a wide range of projects.

ARROW currently has members, and is looking for members, in the following regions:

  • Eastern Melbourne

  • East Gippsland

  • West Gippsland

  • Southern Melbourne

  • Central Highlands & Wimmera


We are always looking for people who are passionate about human rights and who want to develop their advocacy skills to join ARROW. If you want to come along and see what we do, you can contact us to find out about the next meeting in your area. You can then come along and see ARROW in action.


To find out more about ARROW, click the Contact Us button below to send us a message or email us and we'll get back to you.


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