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Making a difference in the lives of people supported

Knowing that what you do today can change the future is a great feeling. And that’s exactly what making a bequest can do. After you have looked after your loved ones, you may consider choosing a charity to support in your Will. If you fi­nd yourself in this position, we ask that you consider Melba Support Services.


As a trusted NDIS provider Victoria, Melba Support Services is a not-for-profi­t leader, supporting people with complex disabilities to live the life of their choosing. Everything we do at Melba is about individuals exercising choice and control over their daily life.

After looking after loved ones, many people choose to include a charity in their Will. They know that this gift will impact future generations and make a real difference in people’s lives, long after they’ve gone. There are many ways you can give lasting hope for the future - no matter how big or small:

  • A gift of a specifi­c sum of money to Melba Support Services

  • A percentage of your estate gifted to Melba Support Services

  • Assets - for example, property, shares, artworks or cars - gifted to Melba Support Services

  • The residue of your estate gifted to Melba Support Services - what remains after all other bequests have been granted

  • Through the establishment of a trust fund where the capital and/or interest earned is donated to Melba Support Services

  • By nominating Melba Support Services to be a bene­ficiary of your Insurance Policy or Superannuation.


If you have made a bequest to Melba Support Services, or would like more information about remembering Melba in your Will, we’d love to hear from you. We would value the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.


If you would like information about how a gift in your Will could help Melba in the future or wish to let us know you have made provisions for Melba in your Will, please contact us.


Dave Glazebrook
Phone: 0407 093 146
Click here to email David 

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