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Melba makes accessing respite care easy

When a carer needs to take a short break, we can help. Melba respite services in Melbourne, (and if you're outside the city, Melba respite services in Victoria), are conveniently located for you to arrange regular short breaks. 

What is (STAA) and Respite?

STAA, (short term accommodation and assistance), is also known as respite, and gives individuals and families the chance to enjoy a great break in a supportive environment. Our dedicated support workers are available 24/7 to ensure people are fully supported during their time away from home. Our STAA/respite services will feel like a home away from home, while catering to an individual’s tastes and interests.

What types of STAA/respite services does Melba have?

Melba respite care in Melbourne (and Melba respite care in Victoria) offers dedicated short term accommodation and assistance for both:


  • adults, and

  • children

What support is offered?

Our respite homes are welcoming and well-equipped. Our dedicated support staff will ensure all support needs are met. This includes daily tasks, such as: meal planning and cooking; personal care such as showering and dressing; and taking medication. There are also opportunities to develop independent living skills.

What activities are offered?

A short stay can include: ​

  • socialising with others and making new friends

  • fun local outings, such as going to the beach or a movie, visits to parks and local attractions

  • participating in fun events in the local community and playing a favourite sport

  • relaxing and enjoying great in-home activities

  • watching favourite TV shows, reading books, arts, crafts, playing games on Xbox and Wii...

How long can a person stay?

While accessing respite services, individuals can stay for a night, or a few days including over school holiday periods. Funding for respite can be accessed from your NDIS Plan.​

Where is children's STAA/respite offered?

Melba has respite houses dedicated for children to stay with others who are about the same age.

Locations for children:


  • Cranbourne

  • Frankston

  • Warragul

  • Sale

  • Ballarat

Where is adult STAA/respite offered?

Locations for adults:


  • Traralgon

  • Sale

  • Ballarat

Need to take a short break? 

If you need to access respite care, fill in the form below and our respite team will be in touch with you.

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