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Human rights underpin everything we do

As a trusted NDIS provider in Victoria, Melba is fully committed to protecting and upholding the human rights of people with disability. We know people choose Melba because we will support a person to achieve the goals they choose and live the life that they want.

Some ways we do this are:

  • communicating with you directly about your needs and goals

  • making sure you have the information you need in a way that is easy to understand

  • the creation of our participant group, ARROW, who give us feedback and support everyone who purchases Melba services. They also work on projects in the wider community to help improve access

  • encouraging feedback, compliments and complaints, and listening to the feedback we get

  • having a Zero Tolerance policy for the abuse and neglect of people with disabilities

  • having a fully independent disclosure option, STOPLINE, which allows anyone to raise a problem independently if they feel they need to

As a provider of supports and services to children, Melba is committed to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation. This includes ensuring that every child is supported to achieve their potential, is protected from abuse and neglect, and that every child feels respected, safe, empowered and are taken seriously if they raise concerns in relation to their safety and wellbeing.


If you would like to tell us how we are doing, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us to give your feedback.

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