Melba is all about Living Life

Being a registered NDIS provider in Victoria, we empower people with a disability to live the life they want.

What is the Melba Way?

Our purpose is to support people to live a fabulous life. 'The Melba Way' is how we go about doing this. Each person is individual and unique. The Melba Way honours and sustains this uniqueness by creating, maintaining and refining an individualised service, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. We do this one person at a time! Our approach is driven by the people we support and is built on a human rights values based framework.


To read more about the Melba Way click here.

What is the Melba Way Project?

It's a venture where we identify the priorities we need to put in place to deepen our understanding and practice of the Melba Way. It'll be overseen by the Melba Way Steering Committee.

Why do we need it?

The sign of a healthy organisation is to reflect on and nurture its culture. With our recent growth and the challenges of the NDIS funding model, it's a good time to look at our understanding and experience working the Melba Way. This important project will strengthen our culture and how we practice the Melba Way to ensure that you live the life you want.

How will it work?

Our first step is to look at how we express and share the principles and practices of the Melba Way. To celebrate the Melba Way, there'll be events and activities rolling out across the year generated through the work of the Melba Way Council. Keep an eye out on this page for more details.


We know how important our culture is to providing outstanding support and service so, the project will set up an ongoing Melba Way Council. The Melba Way Council will have stewardship of 'The Melba Way' and be made up of people who represent the Melba Community. People like you!


This group of diverse people from across Melba will support our commitment to our practice and strengthen our capacity for providing outstanding service.

How can I be involved?

1. Nominate for a place on the Melba Way Council

We will be seeking nominations to be on the Melba Way Council shortly. Stay tuned!

For more information on the council, click here.


2. Share your perspective of the Melba Way

There are opportunities for everyone to provide input and feedback on a draft version of the new format Melba Way.

3. Get involved in activities

To celebrate the Melba Way, there will be events and activities rolling out across the year generated through the work of the Melba Way Council. Watch this space!


How long will the Melba Way Project run?

The project itself will most likely run until the end of 2021. Then, the Melba Way Council will continue to support how the Melba Way shapes our culture on an ongoing basis.

What is the Melba Way Council?

The Melba Way Council is a small, representative group of 8 – 10 people. As custodians of the Melba Way, the Council will have a deep affinity with upholding the organisation's values. They will support our commitment to provide outstanding service and strengthen our capacity to deliver that.

What sort of things will the Melba Way Council be responsible for?

In its ongoing capacity, it will determine a detailed purpose, Terms of Reference, and activity during the induction phase.

Broadly it's committed to:

  • being a body that listens to Melba's needs and has stewardship of The Melba Way

  • sharing and living the Melba Way

  • recognising great role models

  • encouraging advocates

  • celebrating Melba's cultural successes

How and when will the Melba Way Council be elected?

Initially, the Melba Way Project will be guided by the Project Steering Committee. As the project progresses, the Steering Committee will oversee the creation of the Council, which will begin to adopt their ongoing role to support and enhance Melba's culture once elected. There'll be a call for nominations late 2021.

Who will be on the Melba Way Council?

The council will be made up of a diverse group of people who want to engage constructively to support the culture of Melba. Council members will:

  • care about Melba, value keeping the Melba Way alive and shaping the culture

  • share ideas and bring the thoughts and concerns of others to the table

  • contribute to a broader perspective of the work and the people at Melba

Who will Chair the Melba Way Council?

It will be chaired by the CEO, who, in line with the values of the Melba Way, will support inclusive engagement and decision-making.