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Melba volunteers are valued

By volunteering at Melba, together we can assist supported people to live fabulous lives.

Benefits of vOluNTEERING

Volunteering at Melba is a fantastic opportunity to use your skills, connect with the community, or ‘try out’ a career in support work. As a volunteer, you can bring a unique perspective and set of skills that can make a genuine difference to the people we support.

You could volunteer for:


  • an hour a month 

  • a few hours a week

  • a few days a month

  • some other timeframe that suits you 

We can find a time commitment that suits your needs and availability. Whether you can do an hour a month or a full day a week, we can find an opportunity that will work for you.

Volountary roles at Melba are diverse!

Here are some things you can do:

  • assist people supported in accessing the community

  • assist people supported in one of our programs

  • back-of-house roles

  • administration

  • photography 

  • audio editing

  • film editing

  • co-hosting podcasts

  • helping at live events

  • and more

The list of areas where you can help us is endless. Maybe you have an area of expertise you can bring. We're open to any and all suggestions.

Here are some ways you can benefit as a volunteer:

  • Make new friends

  • Improve your work skills

  • Learn new work skills

  • Become more job-ready

  • Joy of giving back 

  • and more

If you would like to join Melba as a volunteer, we'll work with you to find the right opportunity to suit your needs.


Corporate volunteering allows organisations to take time out and tackle a new project together. Volunteer projects can range from physical work such as building and garden maintenance, to advocacy and support in specialised areas of need. Talk to us about organising a corporate volunteering project for your organisation, and we will create the perfect opportunity.


Jane and Neil have been volunteering with Melba for five years. They support our Community Connections program each week. A typical day on the job for Jane and Neil includes a coffee at the local café and walking around Lillydale Lake.

Read Jane and Neil's story on volunteering at Melba >>

join us a volunteer

Volunteering at Melba is a way to truly make a difference. Each volunteer helps us to do more of what we do best – supporting people to live fabulous lives.

Discuss a volunteer opportunity now, call us on 1300 696 352

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