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Where can you access support coordination in Warragul?

For caring support coordination in Warragul, contact Melba Support. Melba has been providing supports to people with disability since 1972. Today, Melba is your registered NDIS provider Gippsland and right across Victoria. If you have funding for support coordination in your NDIS plan, you're ready. Melba support coordinators will work with you to ensure you access the right services and supports.

Our mission is for people with disability to live life the way they want. This is why we tailor services and supports to the person's individual needs, and provide the flexibility that is needed. 

Our support workers also enjoy taking people on fun days out to local attractions and destinations. In Warragul, that could be getting back to nature spending time in one of the many parks and reserves such as Brooker Park or Burke Street Park. It could be enjoying a favourite meal out at one of the cafe's downtown on Queen or Victoria Streets. Wherever it is, Melba is all about living a fabulous life.

With Melba support coordination in Warragul, your NDIS journey is easier

The NDIS is complex and can be difficult to understand. This is where Melba support coordination in Gippsland comes in. We will assist you with everything you need to know to live life the way you want.

This includes:

· understanding your NDIS plan and setting it up

· creating your budget

· identifying your goals

· establishing the right supports to achieve those goals

· developing a strong network of support

· building your capacity and resilience

· understanding service agreements

· dealing with any NDIS issues

· reporting back to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

As time goes on, you may find that some of the supports you start out with, you no longer need. You may reach your goals and want to set new goals, and so there may be new supports you'll need to access. Your Melba support coordinator can ensure that you're accessing the right supports. We can also assist you with coordinating your own supports, if you prefer.

After the first 12 months, an NDIA planner or Local Area Coordinator may review your NDIS plan. They'll review how the year went, see if there are any new supports you need, if you have any new goals you'd like to achieve, and other things. Your Melba support coordinator can assist you in preparing for this review.

The services and supports Melba provides

Melba is your registered NDIS provider Gippsland and right across Victoria offering numerous services, supports and value-based programs for people to live a fabulous life.

This includes:

· Support Coordination

· Core Supports

· Short term accommodation and assistance (Respite care)

· Supported Independent Living

· Specialist Disability Accommodation

· Individualised Support Arrangements

· And various value-based programs, such as supported holidays. You could join a group on a pre-planned holiday, or you can tailor make your own supported holiday to the destination you want.

If you're ready to access Melba support coordination in Gippsland, Melba is ready to assist you!

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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