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NDIS provider in Glen Waverley

Your trusted NDIS provider in Glen Waverley

Melba Support is your 'go to' NDIS provider in Glen Waverley. Since humble beginnings in Lilydale in 1972, Melba has grown to become a trusted NDIS provider Melbourne and across Victoria, providing supports and services to people with disability.

The mission of Melba is for people to live a fabulous life. This is achieved several ways, including through caring support staff, a high quality of services and supports, and value-based programs.

To maintain a consistent, high quality of services and supports, Melba has its own Practice, Quality and Safeguards (PQS) division.

PQS focuses on:

· The goals of supported people

· Meeting those goals using Personal Outcome Measures

· Planning and assessing what is needed to live a fabulous life

· What staff need to know and do to provide the best support

· Checking and continuously improving what we do

Another aspect of our support is taking people on fun days out to local attractions and destinations. In Glen Waverley, that could be window shopping at The Glen, then lunch or tea in a favourite cafe along Kingsway or Railway Parade North. It could be getting back to nature at one of the many natural parks and reserves, such as Glen Waverley North Reserve enjoying a picnic lunch. 

Wherever it is, our support workers aim to make every day, fabulous, for people who access Melba Support services.

What supports can you access through your NDIS provider in Glen Waverley?

As a registered NDIS provider in Glen Waverley, Melba offers a broad range of services and supports for people with disability.

This includes:

· Support Coordination

· Accessing the NDIS

· Core Supports

· Respite for adults and children

· Specialist Disability Accommodation

· Individualised Support Arrangements

· Supported Independent Living

Flexibility is also a major focus for people who access Melba supports.

The road to a fabulous life

Being a registered NDIS provider Melbourne, Melba offers exciting, value-based programs for people to enjoy. It's a great opportunity to make new friends, grow independent living skills, build capacity, and increase resilience.

Here are some of those programs:

  • Community Connections: programs that develops skills in self-care, health and wellbeing, living independently, working, learning and volunteering. It also supports the person to make informed choices and decisions. 

  • Supported holidays:  join a group on a pre-planned holiday or tailor make a supported holiday to a dream destination.

  • Arrow self-advocates group: learn to self-advocate and advocate for others. Watch the Arrow Group video.

When accessing Melba supports from your NDIS provider in Glen Waverley, you can live a fabulous life.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below. 

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