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Your search for great NDIS jobs Gippsland region, ends here

Gippsland is a region in Victoria. It's affordable to live there, the locals are down-to-earth and friendly, and there are many fabulous attractions dotted around the area. Visiting historical sites, beautiful lakes and natural retreats such as Lakes Entrance and Croajingolong National Park, you'll love living in Gippsland. Something else about Gippsland, there is a shortage of support workers. If you're looking for NDIS jobs Gippsland, Melba Support is the place to be.

Being a support worker for Melba

Melba is a trusted NDIS provider Victoria assisting people with disability to live a fabulous life. As a support worker with Melba, you will  assist an individual to do a number of things.

These include:

  • Personal care tasks such as washing, teeth cleaning, dressing

  • Preparing meals, cooking

  • Other life skills

  • Taking the correct medication on time

  • Going out for meals or seeing a movie

  • Visiting local attractions

  • Activities within the community

  • and more

Almost anyone can become a support worker:

  • You might be studying

  • You might be already working in the disability sector

  • You might be working in retail, construction, customer service

  • Maybe you’ve never worked in disability

  • Maybe you've been out of work for a while

Great support workers come from all backgrounds, with varying experience. The job is fun, challenging, rewarding, and you receive plenty of support in your role. 

Benefits working at Melba Support

The best way to find out what it is like working at Melba is by asking staff. Watch Melba support workers talk about how much they enjoy their job, in this video.

Benefits working with Melba include:

  • flexibility

  • job security

  • work locally

  • out of pocket expenses covered, T's and C's apply

  • plenty of support from managers

  • no previous experience required

As an NDIS provider Victoria, we train you and pay all expenses to get you started. There are FAQs you can read here.

For great NDIS jobs with Melba Support, Apply now!

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