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Where can I find NDIS support coordination in Traralgon?

For support coordination in Traralgon, contact Melba Support.   Since 1972, Melba has been trusted for providing supports and services to people with disability. Today, Melba is your NDIS provider Gippsland and across Victoria. 

If you have funding for support coordination in your NDIS plan, Melba support coordinators can assist you on your NDIS journey. You will be able to access a broad range of supports and services to enable you to live life the way you want.

Our supports are tailored to the person's individual needs. Melba support workers also enjoy taking people supported on fabulous local outings. In Traralgon, it could be a picnic and enjoying nature at one of the many parks and reserves, such as the Traralgon Railway Reserve. Maybe it's lunch at a favourite cafe downtown on Seymour or Hotham Streets. Whatever the local outing is, Melba's mission is for people to live a fabulous life, and we try hard to achieve that.

Melba support coordination in Traralgon makes navigating the NDIS easier

Your NDIS journey can start with a caring Melba support coordinator. Our team will assist you with everything you need to know.

This includes:

· setting up your NDIS Plan

· identifying your short-term and long-term goals

· choosing the individual supports and services to help you achieve those goals

· developing a strong network of support

Melba can assist you with your needs both now and in the future, with supports and services that grow and change as your needs change. You'll find over the years, some supports you will no longer need, and there will be new supports you will need to access. You can also coordinate your own supports. Your Melba support coordinator is there on the journey with you.

Accessing supports and services

There is a lot to know about the NDIS and so it is understandable if you feel overwhelmed. Melba support coordination in Traralgon will make your NDIS journey easier.

Your support coordinator can assist you with:

· understanding your NDIS Plan

· how to create your budget

· accessing and establishing the right supports to achieve your goals

· building your capacity and resilience

· understanding service agreements

· dealing with any NDIS issues

· reporting back to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

After the first 12 months accessing Melba supports, your NDIS plan may be reviewed by a NDIA planner or Local Area Coordinator. It will be an opportunity to review the supports you are accessing, make any changes to your supports, review your goals and set new goals. Your Melba support coordinator will assist you in preparing for this review.

What supports and services can you access through Melba Support?

Melba is your registered NDIS provider Gippsland giving people with disability access to the right services, supports and value-based programs.

These include:

· Support Coordination

· Core Supports

· Individualised Support Arrangements

· Specialist Disability Accommodation

· Supported Independent Living

· Short term accommodation and assistance (Respite care)

· And various value-based programs, such as supported holidays 

If you're ready to get started, call Melba support coordination in Traralgon! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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