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Need professional support coordination in Carrum Downs?

The lower cost of housing in Carrum Downs and proximity to the bayside beaches is one of the big draw cards for people to relocate to the area. Just minutes along Frankston-Dandenong road and you can be in Seaford or Frankston. If you care for a person with disability, you don't have to go far. You'll find professional support coordination in Carrum Downs

Your NDIS provider Melbourne, is Melba Support.  When you have funding for support coordination set up in your NDIS plan, you're ready to access Melba Support and the comprehensive support coordination service.

Melba Support coordinators assist you with:

· understanding the NDIS

· setting up your NDIS Plan and your goals

· identifying and accessing the individual supports and services you need

· developing a strong support network

· achieving your goals

Something to keep in mind when choosing your supports, you need to think about the future as well as the present. Everyone's needs change, so it is important to have a smooth transition to future supports and services.

Your Melba support coordinator can also assist you so you can coordinate your own supports. It's all part of the commitment Melba has for you to live the life you want.

The way forward

Melba Support knows the NDIS is complex and can be hard to fully understand. This can cause unnecessary stress. Melba's support coordinators can help reduce that worry and stress by assisting you every step of the way.

Support coordination in Carrum Downs includes assistance with:

· any NDIS issues

· understanding your NDIS Plan

· understanding your budget and creating the budget for your NDIS Plan

· accessing the supports and services you need

· establishing those supports and services

· building your resilience and capacity

· understanding the various service agreements

· getting your supports happening as soon as possible

· reporting back to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

As your first year comes to an end, your NDIS plan may be reviewed by a Local Area Coordinator or NDIA planner. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your goals and what you achieved during the first 12 months, your goals for the next 12 to 24 months, the supports and funding you'll need to achieve the goals you plan for.

Melba support coordination helps you to prepare for this review.

Melba Support suite of services

Melba is a registered NDIS provider Melbourne offering reliable support coordination in Carrum Downs and across Victoria. In fact, Melba Support has been supporting people with disability since 1972.

Today, Melba Support services include:

· Support Coordination

· Core Supports

· Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

· Individualised Support Arrangements (ISA)

· Supported Independent Living (SIL)

· Respite for adults and children

There are also great programs run by Melba Support, such as Supported Holidays. You can choose from planned upcoming small group holidays or plan a supported trip to your dream location. The services and supports all work together to assist a person with disability to live a fabulous life.

Ready to get started?

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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