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Support coordinators in Morwell

Qualified support coordinators in Morwell

Morwell is a rural town in the heart of the Latrobe Valley in Victoria. It is loved by residents for its easy going lifestyle and affordability. Morwell also has some wonderful attractions where you can take time out from your normal routine and relax, such as the Latrobe Regional Gallery and the Centenary Rose Garden. That’s not all you’ll appreciate about Morwell.

You’ll also find caring support coordinators in Morwell. Melba Support offers support coordination services right there in town. 

Melba is a registered NDIS provider Gippsland and across Victoria.  If you have NDIS funding for support coordination, Melba can help.

The steps include:

· Navigating the NDIS

· Establishing your NDIS Plan and the goals you would like to achieve

· Identifying the best individual supports and services for you

· Developing a strong network of support

· Working with you and your network to achieve your goals

You will find that your needs will change as time goes on. Melba’s support coordinators will make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right supports, for now, and for the future. Your support coordinator can also assist you to coordinate your own supports. 

Whatever your needs, Melba is here for you.

Melba assists you on your NDIS journey

Being a registered NDIS provider, Melba knows the NDIS is difficult to navigate. That’s where Melba's support coordinators in Morwell can make things easier.

This includes:

· Gaining an understanding of your NDIS Plan

· Creating and maintaining a budget for your NDIS Plan

· Connecting you to the right supports and services

· Helping to establish those supports and services

· Building your capacity and resilience

· Understanding the different service agreements

· Getting your supports up and running

· Helping you with any NDIS issues

· Reporting back to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

As you near the end of the first year of your NDIS plan, it is normally reviewed. You will find that a Local Area Coordinator or NDIA planner will sit with you and discuss your goals and what you have achieved, identify what your next goals will be, and discuss the supports and funding you'll need for the following year.

Melba's support coordinators will help you to prepare for this review.

Melba Support is trusted for support coordination services

Since 1972, Melba has been caring for people with disability. When the NDIS was established, Melba grew their services to become a registered NDIS provider Gippsland and in fact Victoria wide.

Supports and services include:

· Core Supports

· Support Coordination

· Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

· Individualised Support Arrangements (ISA)

· Supported Independent Living (SIL)

· Respite for adults and children

Melba also runs exciting programs, such as The Arrow Group. People who access Melba's services can learn to advocate for themselves and others in the community. 

Watch the Arrow Group video.

Your support coordinator can talk to you about all of the services, supports and programs that Melba offers, so you can live a fabulous life in Morwell.

Ready to start?

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below. 

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