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NDIS provider in Reservoir

Find your NDIS provider in Reservoir

If you're looking for a registered NDIS provider in Reservoir, you don't have to look far. Melba Support provides services and supports for people with disability across Melbourne.

Being a registered NDIS provider Melbourne, Melba provides everything from support coordination to core supports, respite care and more.

If you're a carer of a person with disability, you'll no doubt know some great local spots in Reservoir to take the person for a fun day out. It could be enjoying the nature tracks around Edwardes Lake and a picnic afterwards. Perhaps it's enjoying a meal at a favourite cafe on Edwardes Street. 

You can be sure our support workers also know the favourite local spots in Reservoir and across Melbourne to take people with disability for a fun day out. It's just another aspect of the care we offer.

What supports and services can you access through your NDIS provider in Reservoir?

As your NDIS provider in Reservoir, Melba has a broad range of supports and services for people to live a fabulous life.

These include:

· Support Coordination

· Core Supports

· Supported Independent Living (SIL)

· Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

· Individualised Support Arrangements (ISA)

· Respite care for adults and children (Short term accommodation and assistance)

An important part of our services is providing the flexibility the person needs to live life the way they want.

Melba's commitment to high quality of supports and services

To ensure the highest quality of services, Melba has its own Practice, Quality and Safeguards (PQS) division. Its purpose is to provide a safe, fun pathway for people to live life the way they want, and to achieve their goals and dreams.

PQS focusses on:

· what staff need to know and do to provide the best support for the person 

· identify the person's goals and what is needed to meet them using Personal Outcome Measures

· monitoring the services and making improvements whenever and wherever necessary

Our commitment to quality of services, has contributed to us becoming a trusted NDIS provider Melbourne.

It doesn't end there. Melba aims to go above and beyond. A testimony to this is the range of value-based programs the person can engage in when accessing Melba supports.

This includes:

· Supported holidays, where the person can join a planned group holiday to a destination in Australia or overseas, or perhaps tailor make a supported holiday to a dream location

By accessing Melba supports and services, a person can live a fabulous life.

Your trusted NDIS provider in Reservoir, Melba Support.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below. 

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