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NDIS provider in Horsham

Find your trusted NDIS provider in Horsham

When locals in Horsham want to get away from the stresses of life, they can enjoy spending some time walking the many trails along the banks of the Wimmera River. If you're a carer of a person with disability, you will also enjoy the fact you can access a quality NDIS provider in Horsham.

Melba support workers are located right there in the town to assist you on your NDIS journey. You can also access support coordination, and when availble, supported independent living (SIL).

Access the supports and services you need from your NDIS provider in Horsham

When the NDIS came into being, Melba had already been supporting people with disability for 41 years. The transition to becoming a registered NDIS provider Victoria, was the obvious way forward. 

Melba Support has continued to provide a high quality of supports and services, thanks to the dedicated staff, and Melba's Practice, Quality and Safeguards (PQS) division. PQS keeps a check on the quality of services to ensure they are always high quality.

Their focus includes:

·  The goals the supported person wants to achieve

·   The Personal Outcome Measures needed for the person to achieve those goals

·  Planning and assessing what you need in order to live your life the best way

·  Staff knowing what is needed to support you well

·  Monitoring what we’re doing and improving on it

Supported people can access a flexible lifestyle through Melba Support.

Melba Support suite of services

There is a comprehensive range of services and supprts you can access from Melba Support. Whether it is respite care, full-time care at a SIL home, receiving support coordination in Horsham or some other service, Melba Support is there to help you.

Melba Support is your go-to NDIS provider in Horsham for accessing the right NDIS supports and services.

This includes:

·  Accessing the NDIS

·  Core Supports

·  Support Coordination

·  Adults and children respite

·  Specialist Disability Accommodation

·  Individualised Support Arrangements

·  Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL. Your NDIS provider Victoria Melba Support has a dedicated SIL group home right there in Horsham.

Respite. If you're a carer, it's important to have regular breaks for maintaining wellbeing. Your closest Melba respite care home is in:

·  Ballarat (Adults and children)

Melba's supports and services are broad and innovative, and include fun value-based programs and supported holidays. With Melba Support, a person with disability can live a fabulous life.

Ready to find out more?

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below. 

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