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Access disability accommodation in Horsham

If you're looking for disability accommodation in Horsham, search Melba supported independent living (SIL) vacancies. Melba has more than 80 SIL homes across Victoria, including Horsham and Nhill. Let the team at Melba assist you to find the right SIL home for your individual care needs.

In case you didn't know, Melba Support is a registered NDIS provider Horsham, which means Melba is accountable for the level of quality being provided. You can be sure you'll be accessing a high level of quality care at your Melba SIL home.

With Melba, you can choose where you want to live. Locals in Horsham will tell you life in Horsham is the best. It's peaceful, laid back, locals love socialising in the numerous cafes downtown along Wilson street. If you are a nature lover, you're surrounded with the beautiful, natural retreats along the Wimmera River.

Melba provides a high quality of disability accommodation in Horsham

Melba Support is trusted for the many supports and services provided, including disability accommodation in Horsham. That trust has been built over 50 years of supporting people with disability.

Melba SIL House Supervisors and Operations Managers work hard to ensure your individual needs are met, and assist you to learn independent living skills and grow in confidence getting out and about in the community.

As a testimony to that, Melba has won several awards along the way, including Excellence in Service Quality at the National Disability Awards. This award comes from Melba's commitment to providing the highest standard of health and well-being to people who access Melba's services. Read more

It's important to know, not all SIL homes are the same. Melba has a range of SIL housing types to cater for the different levels of care.

The types of Melba SIL housing includes:

· Supporting all needs, from onsite overnight assistance to high physical support and complex care

· Specialist disability accommodation

· SIL houses from one to five bedrooms, or even larger

· Liveability studios to improved liveability homes

Where can I find SIL housing?

As your NDIS provider Horsham, you'll find Melba SIL housing spread across The Wimmera, along with other locations in regional Victoria and Melbourne.

Locations include:

· Horsham, Nhill, Ballarat and other locations in The Wimmera and Central Highlands

· Gippsland

· Melbourne

· Mornington Peninsula

To see the vacancies in disability accommodation in Horsham or any other town, search Melba's SIL housing vacancies now. Click here

If you need assistance, contact the Customer Experience Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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