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Finding qualified children's respite services is easy

Carrum Downs is becoming more and more popular as a place to raise families. It's affordable, fairly close to the beach, with handy access to the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne via the freeways. When you're looking for the right children's respite services near Carrum Downs, Melba Support is just around the corner, in Cranbourne and Frankston.

Being a carer, you need to take regular breaks to ensure you continue to enjoy life. Caring can become stressful and so a short break will help you to recharge the batteries and do other things.

Melba is a registered provider of  respite care in Melbourne offering qualified respite care for children in Cranbourne and Frankston. That way, you benefit from a short break while we take over the caring.

What children do at Melba respite services near carrum downs

Our support staff have loads of fun lined up for children in our respite homes. Each activity is also designed to boost confidence and grow independent living skills.

Activities at Melba respite services include:

  • socialising and making new friends

  • going out to see a movie

  • enjoying a meal out

  • playing a favourite sport or sensor activity

  • visiting the beach, parks, and local attractions

  • reading books, doing arts and crafts

  • watching favourite TV shows

  • playing games on Xbox and Wii

At Melba, there's always something fun to do.

Melba is trusted for children's respite services

Melba has provided qualified children's support services since 1972. As a provider of respite care in Melbourne, our respite services near Carrum Downs have support staff dedicated to assisting the child with independent living skills.

This includes:

  • daily tasks, such as planning and preparing a meal, and then cooking it fully supported

  • personal care, such as showering and dressing

Taking medication correctly and on time, is also at the top of our list of priorities.

In Melbourne, Melba respite homes for children are located in:

  • Cranbourne

  • Frankston

Don't put off taking that break you need. Speak to us today about accessing Melba respite services.

Contact the Customer Engagement team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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