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Find respite care near Stratford

If you're a carer, you will know that regular breaks are necessary for maintaining a sense of wellbeing and giving you time to do other things. To help you, Melba Support provides respite care near Stratford

Melba respite care in Sale for adults and children is a great opportunity for the person you support to enjoy a new environment.

Part of caring is taking the person to enjoy activities in the community and visiting local spots. You will already know in Stratford how that could be a picnic at Apex Park or watching a local game at Stratford football ground. Maybe it's enjoying lunch or dinner at a favourite cafe downtown on Tyers Street.

Our support workers love to assist people to live a fabulous life, and they know great local spots in Sales to take the person for a fun day out.

How long is short term accommodation and assistance (STAA) at respite care near Stratford?

A short stay in Melba Support’s respite care near Stratford could be just an overnighter, for a few days, some time over the holidays, or some other period of time, as arranged with Melba respite. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs, while providing the individual needs of the person.

The most important thing as a carer, is to keep up those regular breaks. That will help you to be at your best when caring for the person you support.

What does a person do in Melba respite care?

We are asked that question quite often, and we love answering it. Our support staff arrange for numerous fun and educational activities for the person while in Melba respite care. 

These include:

· socialising with others and making new friends

· enjoying a meal out or going to the movies

· playing sport or watching a local game

· visiting local attractions

· participating in community events

· sensor activities around the home

· enjoying in-home activities such as reading, arts, crafts, games on Xbox and Wii

Being a registered NDIS provider Gippsland, Melba support workers aim to make the home a warm and welcoming environment.

Care is tailored to the individual needs of the person, including:

· assistance with personal care, such as eating, teeth cleaning

· daily tasks, such as meal planning, preparation, cooking

· taking medication at the correct time

· developing independent living skills

So where are Melba respite homes?

Locations of Melba respite homes in Victoria

Melba respite care homes for adults are located in:

· Sale

· Traralgon

· Ballarat

Melba respite homes for children are located in:

· Sale

· Warragul

· Ballarat

· Cranbourne

· Frankston

People with disability are in good hands with Melba Support, your trusted NDIS provider Gippsland.

Take the short break you need. 

Speak to us today about accessing Melba respite care near Stratford.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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