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When you need adult respite care in Traralgon

Life can be stressful, even in big country towns. In Traralgon, you can unwind by strolling the many nature walks in Victory Park and the peaceful walking tracks that follow Traralgon Creek. If you’re a carer of a person with disability, you also need to take time out. you'll find trusted respite care in Traralgon at Melba Support. This will enable you to take the breaks you need on a regular basis, knowing you can relax while we take over the caring for a while.

How long can a person stay at Melba respite care in Traralgon?

As a provider of respite care in Traralgon, Melba Support offers a homely environment for people with disability to enjoy short-term accommodation and assistance. It could be simply for an overnight stay, it might be for a few days, or some other length of time as arranged with Melba. 

The person you care for will enjoy a welcoming, homely environment with services tailored to the needs and interests of the person.

What do adults do in Melba respite care

A person with disability enjoys a home away from home when they have a short stay in Melba respite care Gippsland. Activities are tailored to the individual person's needs.

Some of the activities can include:

· socialising and making new friends

· going out for a meal or to see a movie

· playing a favourite sport

· visiting parks and local attractions

· engaging in community events

· sensor activities around the home

· playing games on Wii and Xbox

· reading, arts, crafts

When the person stays at Melba respite care, they are in an environment which is not only helping them grow in confidence and independent living skills, but they're having fun at the same time. It's all part of Melba's goal for people with disability to live a fabulous life.

Melba's quality of respite services

When it comes to respite care Gippsland, Melba is committed to providing a quality of care that exceeds expectations.

This includes:

· assistance with meal planning and preparation

· personal care, such as eating, teeth cleaning, dressing

· developing independent living skills

· taking medication correctly and on time

In Gippsland, Melba respite care homes are located in:

· Traralgon (Adults)

· Sale (Children and adults)

· Warragul (Children)

Take regular breaks and look after your wellbeing. You'll also be looking after the wellbeing of the person you care for.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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