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Specialist disability accommodation in Argyle Street, Frankston, is now seeking applications

We're extremely excited to let everyone know that the builders from CCB Envico have handed over the keys for Melba’s new Argyle Street, Frankston, property.

Argyle Street has four one-bedroom apartments, one 2-bedroom apartment, and an overnight area for staff. Each apartment has two bathrooms and a separate study that can be used as guest accommodation. Melba was involved in developing and designing the SDA; construction started in October 2020 and completed in July this year. The finished property is of a high standard for high physical support.

As a trusted NDIS provider Victoria, Melba is working to help people with disability become better accommodated.​

Argyle Street, Frankston, Specialist disability accommodation property
(From left to right): Liam Ryan-Nicholls and Sean Wright from CCB Envico, Dave Glazebrook, Andy Thompson, Nathan Mhizha, Russell Harrison, Joathsna Mohan and Stephen Vick.

Hayley Dean, CEO of Melba Support Services, said: “Argyle Street is a block of six amazing purpose built beautifully designed apartments. I can't wait to see people living their dream in their own home.

"Through smart technology, and innovative design, independence becomes a state of mind, where physical barriers are removed – this was our vision for Argyle Street, and we see that vision has come to life!"

Argyle Street property, Frankston

Russell Harrison, Chief Outcomes Officer, added: “We are extremely proud to see the completion of the Argyle Street property. This is a property that is built and designed to suit peoples’ unique needs, and for people to live the life they want.

"At Melba our vision is to give people choice and supporting people to look for a home that suits their lifestyle and goals.”

Melba will now seek SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) registration so that people can start to move in!

There are still apartments available in the building so please get the word out.

To find out more about floor plans and property features, and to APPLY, please visit the Housing Hub or call Marc Sinclair on 0401 207 468 or email


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