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Melba Support Services celebrated Christmas in July

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when families come together to trim trees with tinsel and baubles, children sing Christmas carols, and everyone feasts on festive food and eats way too much.

Christmas cheer was abundant at our Christmas in July festivities, when more than 60 residents and their families came together in Lilydale Hall to share the joy of Christmas together.

The halls were decked with festive decorations and there was the unmistakable scent of Christmas cooking wafting through the air. People supported and staff came dressed in their Christmas fineries, including more than one pair of very festive Christmas glasses.

An incredible lunch was prepared by support workers from our eastern houses: Blueridge, Eucalyptus, De Felice and Reilly. Staff member Ahmad was the star of the day, thanks to his legendary spit-roasted lamb and turkey.

Scott with his impressive glasses

Everyone pitched in to make the feast truly memorable, with people supported and their families bringing salads, roast veggies, cheesecakes, and delicious desserts.

Throughout the afternoon, friendships were formed, and connections were made, as families of people supported across the three houses mingled, shared a meal, and enjoyed a story or two.

Our Christmas in July celebration captured Melba’s values of fun and connection, as well as the real spirit of Christmas.

Julian enjoying Christmas in July


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