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Melba's jazzy day out at the Bruthen blues and arts festival in Gippsland

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

On any given weekend, the sleepy Gippsland town of Bruthen is much like any other – but for one week in February the town comes alive with the sound of jumping, shaking and dancing to rhythm and blues at the Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival.

This year, a group of music lovers supported by Melba Support Services, from Gordon Street, were treated to a day out at the Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival; one that will be remembered for the great music, fabulous food and gorgeous arts and crafts market.

It was a wonderful day out for the people supported, who soaked up the beautiful forest surrounds of the Great Alpine Road before immersing themselves in the soulful sounds of some of Victoria’s best blues musicians.

But for Sean and Shiona, the experience became immersive. Sean and Shiona got involved in a fabulous performance by local independent theatre company, The Dog Theatre, and they were the standout stars!

The day was fun, inspiring and living proof that art and music are truly universal human experiences.


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