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COVID-19 vaccinations update – 19 March 2021

Melba is constantly monitoring the national roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccinations and how we ensure the people we support and our staff, who wish to be vaccinated, are made aware of what they need to do.

We've recently been contacted by the Government's Health Department. We're providing them with the information they have requested to help progress next steps for COVID-19 vaccinations for people eligible as part of phase 1a of the vaccination rollout.

The 1a eligible group includes people living in disability residential settings so homes with two or more people, and the people working in these disability residential settings.

The Health Department are asking about these people's preferences about having a vaccination either in their home, as part of an in-reach vaccination service, or at the closest vaccination hub. So now we're collecting responses and providing this information back.

Consent Form and COVID Consent Workflow

For the 1a group, the people we support who live in a residential setting with two or more people - a step to follow through with right now is to assist those who are currently eligible to provide informed consent to have the COVID-19 vaccination if they choose. Melba staff working in these settings are assisting with this process.

We are ensuring people have access to the consent form. If you are a medical treatment decision maker for a person in one of these residential services, staff will contact you regarding this consent.

Accessible information to support conversations about having the vaccine are available here. This includes both Easy Read formats and Auslan videos. We encourage you to refer to and use these resources as required.

Important note

Please note, for all staff and all people supported who will be eligible as part of phase 1b - and this is all the people who aren't living in or working disability residential settings - at this stage, we're still waiting on further information. We'll provide the necessary updates as information specifically for the 1b vaccination rollout phase becomes available.

Any questions?

Naturally if you have any questions, concerns or queries, you can contact the General Manager Outcomes in your area:


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