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5 things that make great support coordination Victoria wide

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

A person with disability relies heavily on receiving the best possible support coordination services in order to live a fabulous life. When searching for the best support coordination Victoria has to offer, there are certain things to look out for. In this article, we'll explore the top 5 characteristics of great support coordination, and why.

These focus on:

· level of knowledge

· understanding the person supported

· being a great thinker

· being a great responder

· enhancing capacity

When you research these key areas with each NDIS provider Melbourne and across Victoria, you can end up saving yourself a lot of heartache. You'll be better informed about support coordination and choosing what is best for the needs of the individual. First of all, let's look at what support coordination is.

What is support coordination Victoria based?

This is a service that is provided by a registered NDIS provider. It can also be provided by an unregistered provider. A person with disability needs to have an allocation for funding for a support coordinator in their NDIS plan to access the service.

With the right support coordinator, a person with disability can find the right supports both now, and into the future. This is essential for the individual to achieve their goals and dreams on the journey.

It's important to note that the government recommends going with services from an NDIS registered provider; an organisation that is accountable to the NDIS Commission.

level of Knowledge

As you will know, the NDIS is very complex and involves many different areas. Its overall purpose is to help improve the outcomes for people supported and to assist them to achieve identified goals. To do this it takes a lifetime approach investing early in the lives of people with disability and children with developmental delay.

To try and understand the NDIS and all it offers, can take years. Even then it can be difficult to navigate yourself. A support coordinator Victoria based, needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the NDIS and everything that goes into it to be able to provide the best service.

Understanding the person supported

The next important step is knowing and understanding the person with disability. Every person supported is different. Each individual has their own needs. Each has their own wants. But they all have one thing in common. They want to live the life they want.

A great support coordination service provides qualified support coordinators who take the time to understand the person supported and their individual NDIS plan. They must do this if they are to assist them to live the life they want. The takeaway would be that a support coordinator is a good listener and communicator.

A great thinker

Along with listening and communicating really well, a great support coordinator Victoria based thinks outside the box. They are creative and flexible. This is because every person supported has different needs. This means they must have the best supports in their NDIS plan; supports that assist them to grow in confidence and independent living skills.

As the person supported increases in confidence in different areas of their life and becomes more proficient in specific tasks, aspects of their plan may change to accommodate this. Changes to the plan can also be required as the individual ages, their needs change, or they want to achieve different goals. These have to be factored in and discussed with the person supported to ensure that NDIS are aware of these changes. In this way, the person supported always has an NDIS plan in place that meets their needs.

A great responder

Another characteristic of great support coordination Victoria wide is response time. What do we mean by this? Simply, that the support coordinator needs to be reliable. Imagine a person with disability not being able to get in touch with their support coordinator. This is not only frustrating but can lead to serious complications.

A great support coordinator always responds to the enquiry of a person supported in a friendly and timely manner.

Capacity builder

The last in our top 5 is building capacity in the supported person. What does that mean? Well, a main priority of a great support coordinator Victoria based is to assist the supported person in building control of their own NDIS plan.

It means educating the individual on:

· all the services and supports that are available to them

· which ones they need in their NDIS plan to achieve their goals

· their right to change services and even support coordinators

· and more.

By doing this, the supported person can begin to take control of their own journey to enable them to live a fabulous life. As we mentioned before, all supported people have one thing in common; to live the life they want. Capacity building is essential.

Melba offers comprehensive support coordination services

Melba is a registered NDIS provider Victoria. We're all about empowering people with disability to dream big, be happy, and do what they choose and value. One way we do that is with great support coordinators.

Listen now to Carolyn from Melba Support Coordination Services share more insights into 5 things that go into making the great support coordination Victoria needs. Click here for the Melba Loop podcast.

Our Support Coordination Services can help you to:

· Understand your NDIS Plan and create a budget for your services

· Connect you to the right supports and services

· Help to establish supports and services

· Build your capacity and resilience

· Understand service agreements

· Get your supports started

· Report back to the National Disability Insurance Agency

· Help you to prepare for your NDIS Plan review

Join the hundreds of supported people at Melba who are living "a fabulous life".

For more information and to discuss your NDIS plan and goals, contact us today.


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