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Current COVID-19 prevention update  

11 December 2023 


Changes to the mask requirement in Melba services in the Greater Ballarat area are currently in place to support the health and safety of the people we work alongside with a disability, and our staff.   


As there has been an increase of COVID-19 cases in the community in recent weeks, staff and visitors are required to wear masks when visiting Melba services and offices in the Greater Ballarat area until 18 December. 


The mask requirement is a preventative measure to stop the spread of infection and to keep people we support safe.  


Thanks for your help!   


For Melba’s East, South, Gippsland regions and Wimmera services:   

P2 masks remain optional at this time. However, staff are required to wear a mask if:  


  • a person they support asks them to wear one,  

  • they are supporting someone with COVID-19, or  

  • they are a household contact of someone with COVID-19.  


End-of-year celebrations  

Over the next month we will all be gathering to celebrate the year and the festive season. As there are a lot of large gatherings scheduled at this time of year, please have a think about how we can keep us all safe and well. Here are some steps to take before you head out:


  • Test using a RAT  

  • If you have symptoms, please stay at home   

  • As always, we request that you consider the health risks associated with gathering in large groups.  

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