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Is there respite care near Hazelwood North?

If you’re looking for respite care near Hazelwood North,  consider Melba Respite. Melba is a registered NDIS provider Gippsland, with welcoming, supportive respite care for children and adults in Traralgon, Warragul and Sale. This an opportunity for people supported to experience a short stay in a new environment. The person you care for can make new friends, enjoy new activities and engage in a new community, while you take your regular, short break.

Melba has a reputation for a high quality of care so you can rest assured the person you care for is in good hands. As a testimony to that, Melba was the winner in the National Disability Awards 2023 in the category "Excellence in Service Quality". This acknowledged how people who access Melba services are supported to have the highest standard of health and wellbeing at Melba.

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Being a carer, you may already know short breaks are important to take in order to maintain wellbeing and do other things. Another important part of caring is taking the person out for a day to engage in the community. That could be heading into Morwell for the day, enjoying a meal at a favourite cafe, or a day in Traralgon enjoying the vibrant downtown atmosphere and the many parks and reserves.

Our support workers also know great local spots near Melba's respite homes to take people in respite care.

What do people do in respite care near Hazelwood North?

Depending on the location, there are numerous activities for children and adults to engage in during a short stay in Melba respite care near Hazelwood North.

These can include:

· heading into town for a meal or to see a movie

· playing sport or watching a local game

· engaging in community activities

· sensor activities around the home

· arts and crafts and other creative activities

· watching favourite TV shows and playing games on Xbox and Wii

· socialising and making new friends

The person can choose to engage in a favourite activity with assistance from Melba’s support workers. Activities are not only fun, but build resilience, capacity and independent living skills.

Being a registered NDIS provider Gippsland, we are accountable to government NDIS standards, and all care is tailored to the person’s individual needs, interests and tastes.

This includes:

· personal care

· daily tasks, such as meal planning, preparation

· ensuring medication is taken correctly and on time

How long does a person stay in Melba respite care?

A person can receive short-term accommodation and assistance overnight, for a day, several days, time over the school holidays, or some other length of time as arranged with Melba.

Melba respite care homes for children and young people are located in:

· Warragul

· Sale

· Cranbourne

· Frankston

· Ballarat Central

· Sebastopol

Melba respite care for adults is located in:

· Traralgon

· Sale

· Ballarat Central

· Miners Rest

Find out more about respite care near Hazelwood North and take the short break you need!

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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