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NDIS provider in Traralgon

Discover your NDIS provider in Traralgon

If you're a carer in Traralgon, you're not far from a trusted NDIS provider in Traralgon. Melba Support is right there in town offering a suite of services for people with disability, such as support coordination, supported independent living (SIL) homes, and respite care.

As a carer, there's no doubt you are familiar with some great spots in Traralgon to take the person. Staff at Melba respite homes also know great local spots to take the person during a short stay, such as the walking tracks at the Traralgon Railways Reserve and the natural surrounds of Victory park for a picnic and to get back to nature. 

Visits to local attractions is part of the service we offer people, including those in our SIL group homes and in respite care.

The high quality of services at your NDIS provider in Traralgon

You can trust Melba for providing a high quality of supports and services. Being a registered NDIS provider in Traralgon, our dedicated Practice, Quality and Safeguards (PQS) division monitors these to ensure the highest standards are delivered.

PQS focuses on:

· The supported person's goals

· Personal Outcome Measures needed to achieve those goals

· Equipping staff with what they need to know to provide the best support

· Ongoing monitoring and improvement of services

Flexibility is also top of mind for the person. It's an important part of Melba's quality of services.

Melba also takes pride in the quality of support offered by the staff. A leader at one of Melba's complex care Supported Independent Living (SIL) houses won a prestigious National Disability Services (NDS) Award in fierce competition: the 2022 Workmate of the Year Award.

This award celebrates and recognises someone who delivers outstanding support and goes the extra mile. Click here to read more.

Supports and services a person with disability access at Melba

Melba's mission is for a person supported to live a fabulous life. The suite of supports and services Melba provides, help to achieve that mission.

These include:

· Support Coordination

· Accessing the NDIS

· Core Supports

· Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

· Individualised Support Arrangements (ISA)

· Supported Independent Living (SIL)

· Respite for adults and children

If you're needing respite care, Melba has adult respite care right here in town, along with other locations across Victoria and Melbourne.

You'll find Melba respite homes for adults in:

· Traralgon

· Sale

· Ballarat

You'll find Melba respite homes for children in:

· Sale

· Ballarat

· Warragul

· Cranbourne and Frankston

Melba also has many SIL group homes across Gippsland, including:

· Traralgon

· Drouin

· Leongatha

· Moe

· Morwell

· Orbost

· Sale

· Warragul

· Wonthaggi

As a registered NDIS provider Gippsland, Melba is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services, supports and activities to ensure the person can live the life they want.

For an NDIS provider in Traralgon, you're in the right place.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below. 

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