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Where can you find quality respite care in Victoria?

If you're a carer of a person with disability you'll find quality respite care in Victoria with Melba Support. It's important for carers to have regular breaks for maintaining wellbeing, otherwise it may impact on the ability to care. Take time out to unwind, and let Melba Support take over the caring for you.

If you're experiencing stress, there are numerous ways to unwind and clear your mind in Victoria. It could be through spending some downtime at Phillip Island, taking a drive along the Great Ocean Road, or enjoying walking trails in the many natural retreats. With Melba caring for the person you support, you'll have the time you need to relax and attend to other matters.

Whether the person you care for is a child or an adult, Melba Support can help. As a registered NDIS provider Victoria, Melba Support has respite care homes for both children and adults. The stay could be just overnight. It might be for a few days. If the person is school age, it might be for a day or two over the school holidays.

Whatever length of time you need, Melba can help.

What does a supported person do at Melba respite care in Victoria?

A person with disability can enjoy many different activities in Melba respite care in Victoria.

These include:

· socialising with others

· making new friends

· going out to eat, see a movie or a local attraction

· playing or watching sport

· activities in the local community

· sensor activities and games at the home

· reading books, arts and crafts

There is a wide range of activities a person can be involved in which contribute towards increasing the person's independent living skills. 

As a trusted NDIS provider Victoria, Melba respite has qualified support staff who tailor care towards the person’s individual needs.

Care can include assisting a supported person with:

· meal planning, preparation, cooking

· personal care, such as teeth cleaning

· taking the correct medication on time

You can relax and know the person you care for is in good hands with support staff at Melba respite care.

Where are Melba respite care homes?

Melba offers dedicated respite services in Victoria for adults and children at various locations.

You’ll find Melba children's respite homes located in:

· Cranbourne

· Frankston

· Ballarat

· Sale

· Warragul

Melba’s respite homes for adults are located in:

· Ballarat

· Sale

· Traralgon

If you’re a carer and it’s been a while since you’ve had a short break, don’t put it off. Take the time out you need to attend to other matters, and let Melba take over the caring for a while.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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