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NDIS provider in Richmond

Find a trusted NDIS provider in Richmond

Your trusted NDIS provider in Richmond is Melba Support. Melba has been assisting people with disability since humble beginnings in 1972 in Lilydale. Today, Melba is your registered NDIS provider Melbourne with a broad range of NDIS supports and services for people to live life. 

If you have funding for support coordination in your plan, Melba Support Coordinators can get you started on your NDIS journey.

People who access Melba supports can also access Melba's excellent community and lifestyle programs. These are value-based programs which assist a person to develop and grow independent living skills, work and creativity skills, and other skills in ways that are engaging and fun.

Our support workers also enjoy taking people out for a day in the community. In Richmond, that could be enjoying a picnic lunch and time out in Barkly Gardens along Coppin and Mary Streets. Maybe it's enjoying lunch or dinner at a favourite cafe on Swan Street or Bridge Road. You can be sure with Melba, people supported can live a fabulous life.

Your NDIS provider in Richmond has a PQS division

As a trusted NDIS provider in Richmond, Melba has its own dedicated Practice, Quality and Safeguards (PQS) division. This team maintains the high quality of services and supports provided by Melba.

PQS achieves this by focusing on:

· the goals of the person supported

· achieving those goals using Personal Outcome Measures

· accessing the right supports for the person's individual needs

· what staff need to know to provide the best individualised support

· ongoing monitoring of supports and services and any improvements

Being a registered NDIS provider Melbourne, Melba is committed to providing a high quality of supports through Melba. As a testimony to this, Melba was a winner in the National Disability Awards 2023 in the category 'Excellence in Service Quality'. Read more.

What NDIS supports are accessible through Melba?

Melba offers a comprehensive range of supports and services to assist the person to live life.

These include:

· Accessing the NDIS

· Support Coordination

· Core Supports

· Individualised Support Arrangements

· Short-term accommodation and assistance (Adult and children's respite care)

· Supported Independent Living

· Specialist Disability Accommodation

Melba also offers innovative community and lifestyle programs, such as supported holidays. The person can join a group on a pre-planned supported holiday or plan their own supported holiday to a dream destination.

Read more about Melba's community and lifestyle programs

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below. 

Your trusted NDIS provider in Richmond

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