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NDIS provider in Baxter, Victoria

When you need an NDIS provider in Baxter, Victoria

Baxter is on the ever-growing urban fringe of greater Melbourne, towards the southeast. This delightful rural town is loved for its peaceful environment, affordable housing, and many market gardens and orchards. Baxter is also home to many other wonderful attractions, such as 'Eurutta' (Sages Cottage) at 85 Sages Road, one of the oldest farmhouses in Victoria, dating from 1871. Baxter is also loved by carers of people with disability because there is a trusted NDIS provider in Baxter, Victoria

Melba Support is right there offering supported independent living (SIL) group homes along with other supports and services.

A quality of services that go above and beyond

Melba Support is a registered NDIS provider Victoria, and in fact, offers supports and services Victoria wide. If you're in Baxter, Melba has SIL homes right there, and you're just around the corner (thanks to the new freeways) from Melba's respite services in Cranbourne and Frankston.

To ensure supported people can live the life they want, Melba has its own dedicated Practice, Quality and Safeguards team. This team and the caring support workers make it their aim to ensure people with disability live a fabulous life.

To achieve this, Melba focusses on:

  • The goals of the supported person

  • Achieving those goals using Personal Outcome Measures

  • Assessing and initiating what is needed to live a fabulous life

  • What staff need to know and do to provide the best support

  • Constant monitoring of the services and improving on what we do

Flexibility is also top of mind for Melba. It's an important part of providing high quality disability services.

The range of supports and services from Melba

Melba Support offers a comprehensive range of supports and services for people with disability. As an NDIS provider in Baxter, Victoria, Melba goes the extra mile.

Supports and services include:

  • Accessing the NDIS

  • Support Coordination

  • Core Supports

  • Respite for adults and children

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

  • Individualised Support Arrangements (ISA)

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Near the area, Melba's SIL group homes are located in:

  • Baxter

  • Mornington

  • Cranbourne

  • Carrum Downs

  • Frankston

  • Dromana

  • and other locations

The goal is to live a fabulous life

Being a registered NDIS provider Victoria, Melba takes quality of services and supports very seriously to ensure each person supported can live the life they want.

To complement these services, Melba has innovative, fun programs such as community connections where people with disability can take part in fun activities and do new things to improve their self-confidence and independent living skills.

It's all part of Melba's overall mission for people with disability to live a fabulous life.

If you're looking for an NDIS provider in Baxter, Victoria, your search has ended.

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below. 

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