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Supported independent living in Victoria

Vacancies for supported independent living in Victoria

Melba Support provides NDIS supported independent living in Victoria  and there are vacancies at several of our SIL homes right now. To search for a vacancy, click here

Being a registered NDIS provider Victoria, you can rely on the level of care you'll receive from Melba. Our award-winning support staff continue to prove themselves. A SIL house supervisor at one of our complex care support homes won a Workmate of the Year award. This award recognises the outstanding support the house supervisor delivers at the SIL home. Click here to read more

With more than 80 SIL homes across Victoria, including Gippsland, The Wimmera and the Central Highlands, Melba can assist you to find the right one for your individual needs and lifestyle.

The quality of supported independent living in Victoria

Melba began supporting people in Lilydale way back in 1972. Today, we are a trusted NDIS provider Victoria, providing a high quality of supported independent living in Victoria along with numerous other NDIS support services, such as core supports, respite care and support coordination.

Our SIL house supervisors and operations managers are dedicated to assisting you to live life the way you want. We will assist you to find the right SIL housing type for the level of care you require.

The range of Melba SIL housing includes:

· Overnight assistance to high physical support and complex care

· Specialist disability accommodation

· Liveability studios to improved liveability homes

· From one to five-bedroom group homes

Our support workers will assist you to find a SIL location providing the right level of care. You can learn independent living skills and grow in confidence to enjoy living independently in your new home and in the local community.

With the level of care Melba offers and the broad range of SIL housing types, we'll assist you to live a fabulous life.

What are the locations of Melba's SIL homes?

Melba provides supported independent living in Victoria and there are vacancies at some of our SIL homes right now.

You'll find Melba SIL homes dotted across:

· Gippsland

· The Central Highlands and Wimmera regions (including Ballarat)

· Suburbs in Melbourne's east and south east, including Bayside and on the Peninsula

If you're ready to start searching for a vacancy, you can start looking now. Simply click here

For further assistance, call your trusted NDIS provider Victoria

That's Melba!

Contact the Customer Engagement Team on 1300 696 352 or fill in the contact us form below.

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