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Finding great support worker jobs Gippsland

Gippsland is a natural haven. With an abundance of beautiful parks, lakes and beaches, along with fabulous rural and beachside towns, it's no wonder people from Melbourne relocate to Gippsland. If you're looking for support worker jobs Gippsland region, there are plenty of those at Melba Support.

Being a support worker with Melba

Melba is a registered NDIS provider Victoria and we're always looking for good support workers. A support worker with Melba assists a person with disability (supported person) to live life more independantly and supports the person to reach their goals and dreams.

Almost anyone can become a support worker. All you need is the desire to assist a person with disability to live a fabulous life.

You might be:

· Already working in the disability sector

· Studying

· Working in retail, hospitality, a trade, customer service

· Someone who's never worked in disability

· Someone who hasn't worked for a while

Great support workers come from various backgrounds, with varying experience. With Melba, the job is fun, rewarding, and no two days are the same. advance in your career.

Your role as a support worker with Melba

When you work with any NDIS provider Melbourne or NDIS provider Victoria, your role is to assist a person supported to live life more independently. 

With Melba, your role can include:

· Personal care tasks like washing, teeth cleaning, dressing, etc.

· Assisting with preparing meals, cooking

· Taking the correct medication on time

· Other life skills

· Assisting the person to go on outings locally, such as out for meals, to see a movie

· Assisting the person to get involved in activities within the community

· and more

At Melba, we will pay all your onboarding costs, and train you up and bring you to a point where you are qualified and ready to go (Ts&Cs apply).

Watch testimonials of Melba support workers here

Benefits of working with Melba

Being a registered NDIS provider Melbourne and across Victoria, we offer all our support workers many benefits that make the job very appealing.

These include:

· total flexibility

· job security

· you work locally

· all out of pocket expenses are covered to get you started, T's and C's apply

· plenty of support from Outcomes and Operations Managers

· no previous experience is needed

We train you up in everything you need to know.

For more information and to apply, contact us today.

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