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Disability support worker jobs Horsham

Find rewarding disability support worker jobs Horsham region

Horsham is a popular rural town in the Wimmera, Victoria. The Horsham region is home to many attractions which locals and visitors enjoy, such as Dadswells Bridge with the majestic Grampians mountain range as its backdrop, the waterfall at Beehive Falls, the weir walk at the Wimmera. The area is a great place to relocate to, and you can find rewarding disability support worker jobs Horsham region with Melba Support Services.

Melba is a registered NDIS provider Victoria assisting a person with disability to grow in confidence and independent living skills, and to reach the goals as laid out in the person’s NDIS plan.

Melba Support will train you

Starting out is easy. You don’t need any previous experience. There are no on-boarding costs. Melba covers all your out-of-pocket expenses (Ts&Cs apply).

You might currently be:

· a student

· working in retail, hospitality, a trade

· already working in disability or aged care

· someone who has been out of work for a while

· wanting to return to the workforce full-time or part-time

Whatever your story is, if you have the passion to assist a person with disability to live a fabulous life, then Melba Support could be just right for you. The job is fun, rewarding, and no two days are the same. As an NDIS provider Victoria, your role with Melba Support can include many different tasks.

This can include assisting a supported person with:

· personal care tasks, such as eating, washing, teeth cleaning

· meal preparation and cooking

· taking medication on time

· other independent living skills

· activities such as taking the person out to see a movie or for a meal

· getting involved within the community

· and much more

Melba Support’s work with us page is the best place to start for job vacancies. If you don’t find anything listed, that doesn’t mean there is no work available. Contact Melba and ask about disability support worker jobs Horsham region.

Melba support workers talk about what it is like working as a support worker here.

Other benefits being part of the team at Melba

As well as providing a high standard of services for supported people, Melba also provides a high standard of employment for staff.

Benefits include:

· job flexibility

· job security

· working locally

· all out of pocket expenses are covered to get you started, (T's&C's apply)

· support from Outcomes Managers and Operations Managers

Ready to start?

Contact us today. 

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