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Arthur Creative artists have a ball at yarn bombing project in ballarat

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Artists from Arthur Creative showed off their creative flair in their beautiful decorations at Ballarat Bridge Mall during the winter months.

The talented team took part in the Artify Yarn Bombing project supported by Ballarat Evolve, an organisation which connects and supports artists in the city. Arthur artists were encouraged to Artify the local shopping centre to attract customers and beautify the mall.

The artists delighted many shoppers with their artwork.

To help prepare for the Yarn Bombing Project, Arthur held a craft program where artists developed ideas for a ‘Winter in Ballarat’ theme. They came up with ideas such as hot chocolate, the Arch of Victory, black swans, snow, and autumn leaves.

Andy and Ronni checking out the beautiful yarn work outside Ballarat Bridge Mall.

These themes inspired artists to create and explore different fabric appliques and other mediums that could be used for the yarn bombing design. Artists applied a combination of techniques such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading and fabric painting.

The team said they had a wonderful time taking part in the project and were able to further their skills. Joel said the project taught him to knit with different sized needles; Ronni commented she enjoyed making snowflakes from fabric scraps, paints and markers while Andy said he got a buzz using the sewing machine and making poms poms.

Belle (left) with the artwork she created for the tree outside Ballarat Bridge Mall. Penny (right) was the arts facilitator

Alisha learnt how to single crochet and had fun making the beaded sun catchers for the tree. And lastly, Belle was busy sewing all the handmade appliques to the felt background and she also came out to the site where the yarn bomb was being installed at the tree on a chilly morning in Ballarat.

This was Drew's beautiful illustration of the Arch of Victory in Ballarat

Congratulations to everyone on their fantastic work and their contributions to the artistic community of Ballarat!


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