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The award for the most innovative NDIS provider Melbourne goes to...

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Finding the right NDIS provider Melbourne can be daunting. What do you judge them by?

At the Melbourne Disability Expo, you can meet and talk with NDIS providers to help you in your search. To make it a bit easier, this article is going to unpack key areas you should know about.

This includes:

  • What is an NDIS provider?

  • Supports and services

  • What's your plan for the future?

  • Innovation helps

  • The innovative services Melba offers

After reading this article, you should find it a lot easier to identify the best NDIS provider for your needs.

What is an NDIS provider?

An NDIS provider is an organisation that provides the services and supports in a supported person's NDIS plan. There are registered and unregistered NDIS providers. For an organisation to be registered, they apply to the Australian government body called the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. Registered providers must meet the NDIS Practice Standards and adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct.

In your search for the right NDIS provider Melbourne wide for your needs, it's recommended you go with a registered provider.

Supports and services

By asking the NDIS provider what supports and services they offer, you'll be able to determine if they have what the supported person needs to live the life they want and achieve their goals.

The most common services are:

  • Core Supports

  • Support coordination

  • Respite care

  • Supported independent living

  • Specialist disability accommodation

Of course, it doesn't end there. There are other services unique to providers such as complex care, therapeutic support, cleaning and garden maintenance. You also need to think about the future.

What's your plan for the future?

As you put together a plan of supports and services, think about what the person supported will need in the future as well as the present. On the journey of receiving supports and services, the person supported will become more confident in some areas. As a result, they may not need a specific support or service any longer. This can mean changing some of the supports to keep up with their level of independent living skills.

Also, as the person supported gets older, some supports and services they need in the future will differ to what they're receiving now. Does the NDIS provider offer those disability support services essential in their senior years?

Innovation helps

Life isn't just receiving the basic supports and services. To live a fabulous life, there needs to be an element of innovative services weaved into the mix. For example, the supported person may have a creative side and so an NDIS provider which offers creative programs is just what the individual needs.

Another example is the desire of a supported person to be able to self-advocate. What program does the NDIS provider offer to help facilitate this?

Here are some questions you may want to ask the organisation:

  • How big are they on human rights?

  • Do they assist people with disability to self-advocate?

  • How do they assist the supported person to achieve their goals?

  • What creative programs do they have?

  • How much involvement in the local community is there?

  • Do they offer supported holidays?

These are all important because they contribute towards the growth of the person supported, boosting self-confidence and increasing independent living skills.

For a trusted NDIS provider Melbourne, you're in the right place.

Melba's innovative services

Melba Support is a registered NDIS provider Victoria. Our disability support services include accessing the NDIS, core supports, support coordination, supported independent living (SIL), specialist disability accommodation (SDA), individualised support arrangements (ISA), respite (short term accommodation and assistance), and more.

Plus there's a range of innovative services we offer supported people to live a fabulous life.

Here are some of those:

  • Supported holidays. The supported person can go on a holiday fully supported by a qualified support worker

  • Arthur Creative. Melba's own creative studio where supported people can learn and grow their skills in visual arts, performing arts, film making, photography, screen printing, product development and more. Some of their products are available for purchase at Melba's Arthur Range store

  • Community Connections. Similar to Arthur Creative, Melba's community connections services are dotted around Victoria with innovative, fun programs

  • Able Bakehouse. Melba has its own all abilities registered kitchen where supported people can learn to cook, do catering, put together gift hampers, and more

  • Yarra Ranges in a box. This is where supported people can socialise with others while putting together boxes of fresh produce for local homes and businesses

  • Harvest Collective. A program where supported people join in with school kids growing vegetables in their own veggie gardens for a local school canteen

  • Podcast co-hosting. Supported people at Melba co-host the various podcasts on Melba's Melba Loop Podcast channel

  • Live event co-hosting. Supported people at Melba co-host live events broadcast on zoom, Facebook and other platforms

As an example of supported people being involved, see John co-host Melba's end of year live celebration below.

Along with that, supported people who access Melba's services can volounteer to be on Melba's ARROW group. Qualified staff teach the group to self-advocate and advocate for other people with disability in the community.

For more ways supported people at Melba can live a fabulous life, see our booth at the Melbourne Disability Expo, or contact us today.


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