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This October, Australians will be asked to vote in a referendum to enshrine an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament in our Constitution. Melba Support Services joins many people and organisations across Australia in supporting the Yes campaign for the upcoming referendum.  


We see it as an important and historic step towards reconciliation and a fairer country.  


Melba is an organisation with a strong commitment to human rights. Melba is proud to have a Reconciliation Action Plan and our CEO has signed the Uluru Statement From The Heart on behalf of Melba.  So it's no surprise that we support recognition of First Nations peoples in the Australian Constitution and support a Voice to Parliament, providing a way for governments to listen to advice from First Nations people about matters that affect their lives.

As Australians, we pride ourselves on our diverse and vibrant society. One important piece of our history has not yet been recognised in our constitution, and that is the 65,000 years of continuous cultural connection to this land by the First Australians, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  


This referendum is about creating a pathway for First Nations people to speak directly to the government of the day about the things that work on the ground in their communities. This will mean fewer misdirected resources and real results for First Nations.  


As part of our support we will ensure our people have opportunities to learn more about the Voice and its role in reconciliation. We encourage everyone to find out more, speak to First Nations people when appropriate, explore what the Voice means and most importantly seek out information and have conversations with those around you. 

For anyone wanting to find out more,

Reconciliation Australia 

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