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Find great NDIS jobs in Gippsland at Melba Support

Gippsland is a beautiful part of Victoria. Rich with heritage, the local towns have so much to offer. From affordable living and friendly locals, to the many fabulous attractions such as Gippsland Lakes and Wilson's Prom, Gippsland is a great place to work and live. With the ongoing shortage of disability support workers, there always seems to be NDIS jobs for support workers in Gippsland. What a great opportunity to live and work in the region.

Being an NDIS provider Victoria, Melba Support can offer you many benefits as a support worker.

Being a support worker for Melba is a great career

As a support worker with Melba, you assist a person with disability to do a number of things, including:

· Personal care tasks like teeth cleaning, dressing, etc.

· Preparing meals, cooking, eating

· Other life skills

· Going on outings locally, such as having meals out or seeing a movie

· Visiting local tourist sites

· Activities within the community

· and more

Another important role for support workers is ensuring people supported take the correct medication on time.

Almost anyone can become a support worker

If you're thinking you may not qualify because you have no experience, think again. It doesn't matter what career path you're coming from. We fully train you, and offer the support you need to carry out your role with confidence.

Great support workers come in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds, with varying experience.

· You might be already working in the disability sector

· You might be studying

· You might be working in retail, hospitality, a trade

· Maybe you’ve never worked in disability

· Maybe you haven’t worked for a while

When it comes to NDIS jobs, being a support worker with Melba is a great career. It's fun, extremely rewarding, and no two days are the same. Expect healthy challenges, loads of reward, and lots of support to grow and enjoy your role.

Watch testimonials of Melba support workers here

Benefits that make the job with Melba appealing, include:

· job security

· job flexibility

· work locally

· out of pocket expenses are covered to get you started, T's and C's apply

· plenty of support from managers

Melba is a trusted NDIS provider Victoria wide, and we've been supporting people with disability since 1972, so you're joining a great team. For FAQs about being a support worker, visit our FAQs page.

Ready to become a support worker with Melba? Apply now! 

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