Temporary Transformation
Payment (TTP)

Temporary Transformation Payment

The NDIA has introduced the TTP in the price guide for 2019 – 20. This replaces the Temporary Support for Overheads.

From 1st July 2019, providers of a range of services can include TTP in their prices.

TTP pricing requirments

  • Melba must follow TTP requirements set out by the NDIA. You can read about these in the    NDIS 2019 – 20 price guide.

  • We include TTP in prices for a range of support categories. They include daily personal activities, group and centre-based activities, high intensity daily personal activities, participation in community, and social and civic activities. This assists us provide the very best support services we can.

  • Our prices including TTP are those listed in the NDIS 2019 – 20 price guide.

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