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Why you need respite services in Ballarat

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

As a carer, you'll know the demands that go with caring for someone, especially if it's a full-time caring role. It's good to know there are quality respite services in Ballarat you can call on when you need to. This is an essential part of caring for several reasons which we'll unpack.

In this article we discuss:

· what are respite services?

· why carers need a break

· how long is short term accommodation?

· the benefits for supported people using respite services

· where you can find respite services near you

With this information, you'll be better informed as a carer.

What are respite services in Ballarat?

Respite services is also known as short term accommodation and assistance (STAA). Basically, it's when you take a break from caring duties and the supported person enters a dedicated respite home. Qualified support workers at the home take over the caring duties while you have a break.

A good respite home normally feels like a home away from home for the person, where they are fully supported and all their needs continue to be met in a safe environment.

There are respite services available for both children and adults, and the care is tailored towards each individual to support them to live the life they want during their short stay. At the end of the break, the person supported resumes being cared for by you.

Having that short break is important for both you and the person you support.

Why carers need a break

As you may already know, being a carer can take a lot out of you, especially if you're a primary carer. In a Royal Commission report it says there are "positive and negative effects on carers... the negative effects include depression, anxiety, and burden."

This is not beneficial to you or the person you support. The last thing you want is poor health. To be able to continue providing care, you need to take regular short breaks. Health concerns are not the only reason you may need a break.

It could be:

· to deal with stress

· for receiving support from a health care professional

· to avoid social isolation

· for attending to another matter

· to gain a new perspective on caring

· for some 'me' time

· for some other reason

Short, restorative breaks are not just a good idea. They're essential for maintaining health and wellbeing.

How long is short term accomModation?

Knowing you can leave the supported person in the care of trusted respite services in Ballarat, gives you the peace of mind you need. The length of short term accommodation can vary depending on your needs and the needs of the person supported.

The break could be:

· overnight, 24/7

· a few days

The length of time really depends on what you need to accomplish during that time.

The benefits to supported people using respite services

Respite services not only benefit you, but the person you care for. It's an opportunity for the supported person to enjoy a short break in a caring, fully supported environment. With assistance from a dedicated support worker, it means they can do new things and be involved in a new community which can assist them with confidence building.

During the short break at a respite home, the supported person can take part in any number of activities.

This includes:

· socialising and making new friends

· engaging in a favourite sport

· visiting lakes, parks, local attractions

· being involved in community events

· enjoying activities at the home such as reading, arts, crafts, playing games

Building confidence, increasing independent living skills, and making new friends is rewarding and beneficial to a supported person. It's one of the benefits of quality respite services.

Melba offers respite carE Victoria-wide

At Melba, we're trusted as an NDIS provider Victoria. One of the reasons for this is we're big on human rights. We empower people with a disability to live the life they want, to dream big, be happy, and do what they choose and value.

Our respite homes are like a home away from home. The person supported can enjoy a comfortable environment with friendly support staff who make them feel welcome. The staff ensure all the needs of the supported person are met during their stay in a caring and respectful way.

Our respite services can include:

· daily tasks, such as planning and cooking meals

· personal care tasks, including showering and dressing

· developing new skills to assist with independent living

· ensuring all medication is taken on time

We have respite services in Ballarat, Melbourne and right across regional Victoria, so you're sure to find a location that is convenient for you.

In Ballarat, our locations are:

· Miners Rest (Adult respite)

· Ballarat Central (Children and Adult respite)

· Sebastopol (Children's respite)

With Melba respite services, you can take the break you need and the person you care for will benefit at the same time.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your needs.


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