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What children do at Melba respite care Melbourne

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

A frequently asked question by carers is, 'what do children do at Melba respite care Melbourne?' The answer is simply - they have lots of fun. The children can do many fun activities and engage in various tasks for personal growth.

In this article, we'll look at:

· The activities children can do

· The learning tasks

· Why regular respite care is important

· Length of the stay

· Where you can find children's respite services in Melbourne

After reading this article, you'll see the benefits that Melba respite care offers the supported person.

Activities at respite care Melbourne

Respite care is a time for you to have a short break from caring duties. It's important to take regular breaks because of the stress that can sometimes occur in a caring role. By having a break, you can look after your own health and wellbeing, and have valuable time out to do other things.

As well as benefitting you, respite care also benefits the supported person.

There are many fantastic activities an individual can do when spending time in Melba respite services Melbourne.

These include:

· Socialising

· Making new friends

· Going out for a meal

· Community activities

· Playing a favourite sport

· Watching TV shows

· Playing Xbox and Wii games

· Sensory play

· and more

From enjoying a meal out with others to walks around local parks and lakes and visiting attractions, respite care spells a whole lot of fun for the person you care for.

This is one of the focuses of Melba Support: empowering people with disability to live the life they want. There are also other important benefits.

The tasks children can engage in

Children have a lot of fun doing activities during respite care. They also learn to do some important tasks. Whether it's building on their existing skills, or completely new tasks, it's an important time of growth in the child's life.

Being a registered NDIS provider Victoria, Melba Support has a team of dedicated, qualified support workers to take over the caring. Our team takes the time to get to know the child. That way they can engage them in tasks that grow their independent living skills and help them gain confidence.

This includes:

· daily tasks, such as assisting in meal choice and meal preparation

· personal care tasks like dressing and washing

· new skills for independent living

A part of being fully supported is ensuring they take any medication on time.

We see over and over again that children love the different tasks and fun activities they do at Melba.

Regular respite care is vital

We often find that after a child spends time in Melba's respite care Melbourne, a carer will see the supported child doing things they never use to do. We've had feedback from carers saying how they didn't know the child they care for could do this or that.

This is a great sign that we're right on track and offering supported children exactly what they need and love.

It's why regular respite care is important for a child as well as you, the carer. They can grow new life skills and enjoy new activities in the welcoming environment of a Melba respite care home. It's a lovely experience and continues building their confidence and life skills.

Length of the stay

The length of time a child can spend in fully supported respite care varies. It's all down to what you need to do during your break as a carer. Normally it's just a short break so that you can recharge your batteries and do other things.

The stay could be:

· overnight on weekends or weekdays

· over the school holidays

We highly recommend regular short breaks for both the supported person and you. For the best children's respite care Melbourne, you've found the right place.

Melba is trusted for fully supported respite services

Melba is a trusted NDIS provider Victoria. We've built that trust because of our values and dedicated services. Our mantra is human rights. We're all about empowering people with disability to live the life they want, to dream big, be happy, and do what they choose and value.

We make our respite homes like a home away from home. They are comfortable, welcoming environments with qualified support staff. The child is fully supported with activities and tasks tailored towards their individual needs. Our caring support staff always ensure the needs of the supported person are met during a short break.

Melba has dedicated respite homes across regional Victoria and in Melbourne.

With Melba respite services Melbourne, you can take the break you need and the person you care for will also benefit.

Contact Melba Support now for more information.


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