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What children do at Melba respite care Ballarat

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

One of the questions we hear is, 'what do children do at Melba respite care Ballarat?' The answer is easy. The children can engage in many fun activities and important tasks.

This article explores:

· What those activities are

· The learning tasks they can be involved in

· Why regular respite care is important for a child

· How long the stay is

· Where you can find children's respite services in Ballarat

With this information, you'll be able to see how beneficial Melba respite care is for supported people.

activities children can do at Melba respite care Ballarat

Respite care is a time for you to have a break. It's essential that you take regular breaks because of the strain that can sometimes occur in a caring role. This way you can look after your own health and wellbeing and do other things.

Respite care also benefits the supported person. They can get involved in many fantastic activities in and around Ballarat or at the respite home.

These include:

· Socialising

· Making new friends

· Going out for a meal

· Community activities

· Watching shows

· Playing favourite sport · Xbox and Wii

· Sensory play

From a meal out in Ballarat Central to walks around Lake Wendouree and other activities, respite care means a lot of fun for supported people. There are also other benefits.

The tasks children can engage in during respite care

Children not only have a lot of fun doing activities, but learning to do tasks. Some of these tasks may be new to them. Some of the tasks may be reinforcing what they know already. Either way, it's a time for growth.

Being an NDIS provider Victoria, Melba Support has a team of qualified support workers dedicated to respite care. They take the time to get to know the child and engage them in important activities that grow their life skills and help them gain more independence.

These include:

· daily tasks, such as assisting in the choice of meals and sometimes preparing meals

· personal care tasks like dressing and washing

· developing new skills to assist with independent living

It's also important to note that our support workers ensure any medication is taken correctly and on time. Our experience at Melba Respite is that the children love the different activities and tasks they can do.

Reasons why regular respite care is important

Quite often, after spending time in Melba respite care Ballarat, a carer will see the supported child doing things they never use to do. Carers will say how they didn't know the child they care for could do this or that. This is an excellent sign we're offering supported children exactly what they need.

With regular time in respite care, the child can continue to build confidence and enjoy new activities. The welcoming environment of a Melba respite care home is a lovely experience for the supported child. Most importantly, it continues to grow their independence and life skills.

How long is children's respite care for?

Fully supported respite care for children can vary depending on their needs and the needs of the carer. Normally it's designed to be just a short break to allow the carer some me time and to do other things.

It could be:

· overnight stays on weekends or weekdays

· over the school holidays

Regular short breaks are recommended for both the supported person and the carer. For the best children's respite care Ballarat, you're in the right place.

Melba offers caring respite services in Ballarat and Victoria-wide

Melba Support covers a great deal of Victoria. In fact, our support services are located across the Wimmera and Central Highlands, Gippsland, and Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs.

In Ballarat, our children's respite services are located in:

· Ballarat Central (Adults and children)

· Sebastopol (Children)

With the different locations, you're sure to find one that works for you.

Ready to take a short break?

Melba Support is a registered NDIS provider Victoria. We believe in human rights. We empower people with disability to live the life they want, to dream big, be happy, and do what they choose and value.

We set up our respite homes to be like a home away from home. The supported person can enjoy a comfortable, fully supported environment with caring, support staff. The supports are tailored towards the individual and the needs of the supported person are met during their stay.

With Melba respite services Ballarat, you can take the break you need, and have time out to recharge the batteries, have some 'me time', receive help with implementing plans you've worked hard for such as BSPs, communication, physio, etc., relieve any stress, and other things. You can do this knowing the person you care for is in good hands and will benefit at the same time.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your respite needs.


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