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Everybody needs a break!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Melba’s new Short Term Accommodation & Assistance services

Melba understands how important it is to individuals and their families to have a home away from home; a place where individuals are supported by familiar staff and can enjoy some recreation and new experiences.

“Short Term Accommodation & Assistance or STAA, also known as respite, gives individuals and families the chance to enjoy a great break,” explains Nathan Mhizha, Melba’s Respite Innovation Manager.

“Our dedicated support workers are available to ensure people are fully supported during their time away from home. While accessing respite services, individuals have opportunities to develop independent living skills, access the community, and do the things they want to do,” said Nathan.

Melba now manages nine STAA services which are our facility-based respite services. New Melba STAA services are being run in Cranbourne (children’s respite only) following its transfer from OzChild; in addition to STAA services located at Frankston, Ballarat Central, Sebastopol, Miners Rest, Sale, Traralgon and Warragul following the successful Department of Health and Human Services transfer of disability services to Melba.

“These services help to provide a wonderful break for all, so that families have the peace of mind knowing that a loved one is safe and secure; while we have the ideal opportunity to empower individuals to be happy and do the things they value most in life,” added Nathan.

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