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Price review falls short

The National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) 3.19 percent funding increase for supports for disability support workers would likely negatively impact people with disability, Melba CEO Hayley Dean said today.

It is disappointing that this increase is far less than the Fair Work Commission 3.75 per cent rise to the national minimum wage and the 0.5% superannuation increase.

This puts even further strain on high quality registered service providers who are integral to the disability support system. When these providers face financial strain due to inadequate funding, quality of services are at risk.

“The increase may appear to be a step forward, but sadly it falls way too short of addressing the financial realities faced by registered service providers such as Melba,” Hayley said.

“The ripple effect of this inadequacy directly impacts people with disability, risking reduced service quality, choice and control, accessibility, and individualised support.”

Hayley’s comments were echoed by the National Disability Services (NDS), Australia’s peak body for disability service organisations. CEO Laurie Leigh said the NDIA was “ripping off” Australians with disability and disability services.

“The government is ripping off both people with disability and service providers by not addressing known and accepted pricing errors over recent years,” she said.

“At a time when the cost of operating is rising, government is effectively cutting funds available to pay for disability services.” 

Read more from Laurie Leigh, CEO, NDS.


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