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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Dear friends,

Today, on the International Day of People with Disability, we wish to congratulate the many wonderful people who were recently recognised at Melba’s end of year awards.

2020 Rebecca britt award

The annual Rebecca Britt Award is presented to a person we support who has shown outstanding attributes during the year. The nominees were:

• Marnie Hughes • Liam O'Brien

• Amie Lowther • Margaret Willems-Van Dyk

• Julie Maiden • James Wade

Congratulations to Amie Lowther who was announced as the winner of the 2020 Rebecca Britt Award. Amie was recognised for her advocacy, kind-hearted nature, her great sense of humour, and her ability to make everyone around her smile. Amie is committed and very resourceful in advocating for people with a disability. Even during the challenges of COVID-19 Amie’s resilience and positive outlook never wavered. During lock down the only escape from home life was a local neighbourhood walk. Unfortunately, in the street around the corner the foot path had been blocked off since October last year, forcing anyone who uses a wheelchair to deviate onto the road to get around the path under construction, putting everyone at risk. Being a member of the ARROW group Amie decided that she wanted to see if they could take this further and have the footpath repaired. After chatting with neighbours who had contacted the council serval times to no avail. Staff supported Amie to take photos of herself next to the inaccessible path. These photos were sent to the ARROW group, to discuss and formulate a plan of attack. Amie through ARROW provided the council with the photos and within two weeks the path was repaired.....success!

2020 Stevenson Award – Individual category

This annual Stevenson Award recognises an outstanding individual who works at Melba. The nominees were:

• Carolyn Carter • Olivia Hurley

• Barbara Cerda • Teresa Linn

• Tahlesha Corso • Kate Mallick

• Katja Gurney • Vikki Notman

• Tony Khachadourian • Mac Patel

• Kathleen Hamilton • Raylene Ruyg

• Katia Harvie • Tim White

• Tanya Holmes

Congratulations to Tim White who was announced as the winner of the Stevenson Award – Individual Category. Tim always puts the person supported first He goes above and beyond in his role as house supervisor to constantly support people to lead the life of their choice. He is genuine, loyal, skilled, experienced, and is devoted to all those around him. He is a wonderful role model and an exceptional leader, always supporting staff to learn new skills and how to be the best possible support worker. Tim embodies the values of Melba!

2020 Stevenson Award – Team category

This annual Stevenson Award recognises an outstanding team at Melba. The nominees were:

• Bridle Road Team

• ISA Team

• COVID-19 Team

• Pisces House Team

• Rollings Close Team

• PPE Administration Group

• M.B's ISA/ISL Teams

• Green Island Team

• Kim Harvey and Cheryl Henry - Reception & Administration Team, Lilydale office

Congratulations to the two teams who were recognised as joint winners in this category.

PPE Administration Group: Kim Harvey, Cheryl Henry, Rebecca Hunt, Emma Hicken, Sam Khachadourian, Deb Knight, Shoret McLennan and Emily Steers. This team was recognised for the extraordinary effort involved to organise Personal Protective Equipment for all the Melba Community in particular the supported houses during the response to COVID-19. At Melbourne's COVID peak, they came into the offices, at a moment’s notice often on weekends and sorted through hundreds of boxes. Even taking it upon themselves to personally deliver PPE when couriers weren't able. COVID-19 Team: Marika Best, Rupert Evans, Rebecca Hunt, Alex Magri-Olson, Zulejha Molokov, Dr Miranda Sandars, Nicole Stow, Sharen Calheiros, Megan Jacobs, Beth McIntosh, Lauren Parker, Marsha Sheridan, Kelli Stringer, Russell Harrison, Anneke Jurgens, Nathan Mhizha, Sonia Pesti, Steve Stainsby, and Bec Vanderlinden. During the unprecedented health crisis of COVID-19, this team came together to ensure the health safety and well-being of the people we support, staff and visitors. Through a collaborative approach, the individual team members used their knowledge and skills (and learnt some new ones) to ensure Melba met and continues to meet the Government mandatory health and COVID-19 restrictions. While the team have their own substantive roles they always pulled together to ensure deadlines are met, noting some deadlines are due within hours. The team has a proactive, no questions asked approach to get the work done and ensures Melba meets the high standard of support our people expect and are used to. They eagerly take on feedback to improve the information and support for all. This team lives and breathe the Melba Way and a great demonstration of the hard working and committed people we have here in Melba.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners!

Kind regards,


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