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Melba’s own medalist and dancing queen

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

It’s not often that someone nears the end of an interview and mentions, “um, well, I’m a world-champion swimmer, too.”

But that’s how it went with the amazingly talented Jenna.

Now 33, and living in Ballarat, Jenna lives with Down Syndrome and it was at the Special Olympics that she won a silver medal in her preferred stroke, backstroke.

“I used to love it,” Jenna said. “But swimming does take up a lot of time and effort.”

Besides there’s something else that Jenna wants to do. This year, she wants to teach a dance class.

“I love choreography as much as I love dancing.”

A while ago, Jenna went to India to do a dance performance. She loved it. “I want to teach a dance class this year.”

Currently, Jenna’s creative outlet is the Arthur Arts program, where so far she has done the ‘Paintbrush’ classes, screen printing which she also loves, photography, music, drama and choir.

Screen printing was still on during COVID-19, though Paintbrush was off. However, Jenna wants to pick up dancing again the most.


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