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Kate Talks // 6 November 2020

She’s On The Ball

By Kate Taylor

Christine is knitting her way through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

She lives in Ballarat in a Melba supported home. Christine has her own work days that she dedicates to knitting beanies – complete with a business sign on her door. She’s done more than 10 so far and that includes giving some to Melba staff. She’s even knitting one now for a staff member’s mum. 

“If you go over to the house and you’re not wearing your beanie – she’ll point it out straight away,” one staff member chuckled.

Knitting beanies is one of the ways that Christine has been filling in her days because at the moment. She isn’t able to visit her mum in Hepburn like she otherwise would. “I like going to see my mum,” Christine said.

Christine also usually does day placements, focusing on her love of arts and crafts, so the beanies are an excellent way to keep busy at the moment.

What else does Christine have on at the moment? Quite a lot. She’s been keeping herself busy with much of the same things that everyone finds themselves doing during a pandemic.  She’s quite independent, doing her own washing, making her own tea and coffee, and doing the washing up.

But the thing Christine is most happy doing is going out to exercise. She just loves the hoop and ball out the back.

“I play netball outside and I love it,” she said.


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