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How Edward is still having fun even when he’s grounded

Even a global pandemic isn’t enough to stop Edward having awesome holidays, they’re just a bit closer to home at this point in time.

In 2019, Edward went to Italy for nine days, supported by Melba’s Outcomes Lead of the supported holidays program, Davide.

“It was awesome. It was really different than Australia, and I was very impressed,” Edward said.

Unknowingly, the timing was perfect. Edward managed to fit in his Italy trip – but has been grounded, internationally at least, ever since because of the global pandemic.

Still there are great holidays to be had in Victoria, and Edward’s recent trip is the ultimate proof of that.

“I went to Mildura a couple of months ago. While it was a long drive, Mildura was very interesting and it was a very enjoyable trip.”

“Because of COVID-19 I was cautious. I didn’t want to go interstate, I wanted to stay in Victoria.” Now, with interstate travel becoming more stable, Edward has his eye on a trip to the Northern Territory.

“I want to go to Alice Springs in the next six months, that’s still on the agenda at the moment, but nothing has been confirmed quite yet. I’ve never been there and that’s why I picked it. It’ll be something new for me.”

Edward has another new place in mind, too – ready for when international travel is back up and running again. “I would like to go to America, but at the moment it’s a bit dicey. I have it in my plan, but not for the next twelve months maybe, but anything could happen it could be the end of this year, or in about twelve months. I want to go to California, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.”

“I’m looking forward to my next trip with Davide.”


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