Updated: Sep 8, 2021

There has been very limited reduction in restrictions. There are only 2.

Restrictions update from 11:59pm Thursday

  • Playgrounds will reopen with QR codes. 12 and under only. Only one parent or carer. That adult is not allowed to take their mask off.

  • In-home care – like babysitters – will also be expanded to school aged children but only if both parents are authorised workers.

When Victoria achieves 70% of people with one vaccination: -

The Premier has announced more changes will be made, hopefully, on or about the 23rd September when Victoria is scheduled to achieve 70% vaccination for at least one dose. Once that 70 per cent target is met:

  • The radius for travel will expand from 5 to 10 kilometers.

  • Outdoor exercise will also be allowed for three hours with personal training permitted.

  • Construction will also be allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity once 90 percent of workers have had one jab

From 7 to 17 September year 12 students will be able to get vaccinated at state hubs.

  • This will be local arrangement organsied through schools.

  • From next Tuesday there will be priority vaccine program for year 12 students.

  • Year 12 GAT Exams will be held on October 5th because by that time all year 12 students will have had at least one does of the vaccine.

  • There will be no face-to-face school for the remainder of term 3.

  • Next week, but actual date unknown, and announcement for term 4 will be made.

A reduction of restrictions for regional Victoria (but not Shepparton) will be made next week.

  • Melburnians won't be able to go regional unless they are authorised to do so.

To keep Melba safe, can we please ask:

Exposure Sites

  • We ask everyone to monitor the Victorian Government Exposure Site list.

  • If you have been to one of them, please act accordingly.


  • We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as you can if you haven’t already. It is vaccination levels reaching 80% that will allow a greater lowering of restrictions.

  • You can book a vaccination here.

  • The Premier has also said while there are not enough Pfizer available for everyone there are more than 70,000 AstraZeneca appointments available in state clinics.

  • 2.6 million doses of AstraZeneca have been administered in our state over the last few months. A choice that millions of Victorians are making.

  • It is a safe vaccine, it is an effective vaccine and it is the vaccine that is available now and that means for the vast majority of people, it is the best vaccine right now."

Statement from the premier of Victoria:

Why these restrictions remain in place is due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 virus. The Burnet Institute have estimated that what we have all done, what we have all given these last four weeks, has basically prevented around 6,000 cases of this virus. This also means that every Victorian has also prevented around 600 people being admitted to hospital and no-one gets admitted to hospital with coronavirus because they're mildly unwell. They are all very unwell, some acutely unwell and, indeed, in need of intensive care.

We are all making sacrifices and we are doing wonderful work to get to this point. Let’s keep protecting the people we support and each other.

Here are some details about our services during this lockdown.

Centre-based activities

  • We will continue to support individuals for whom support is essential.

  • If you need to access this support, please contact the service manager.


  • Essential Individual Supports will continue.

  • Supports will follow Government directions for five reasons to leave home.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) services

  • SIL services will continue.

  • Supports will continue to follow Government directions for the five reasons to leave home.

  • After a stay with their families, people can return to their Melba home as long as they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms or been potentially exposed. If they have any symptoms, they must return a negative test before returning home.

  • Two visitors are permitted per service per day, to provide essential care and support necessary for the individual’s physical or emotional wellbeing. Please call before you come to ensure a warm welcome and assure us you’re free of symptoms.

STAA (Respite services)

  • STAA (Respite services) will continue.

  • Supports will follow Government directions for the five reasons to leave home.

  • People can access respite as long as they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19. If they have any symptoms, they must return a negative test before arriving at respite.

Support Coordination

  • Support Coordination will continue.

If you have any queries about your support, please contact either your regular service manager, or the General Manager in your region.

Aaron Fry – East:

Angela Quero – South:

Kerrie White – Gippsland:

Jacqui McCowan – Central Highlands & Wimmera:

Finally, we know that things may change rapidly. If you feel unsure of any advice, we recommend you check the following Victorian Government links below:

Take care!

Melba Families Monthly - August 26th 2021