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ARROW Actions Change for Improved Pedestrian Safety

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Members from Melba’s self-advocacy group ARROW have successfully petitioned for improved pedestrian safety at a busy major road in Warragul.

Darren Pickett and Kevin Tyler, both supported by Melba, who cross the road for weekly medical appointments, say Normanby Road is extremely busy, particularly during peak times, which makes it very difficult to cross including for people with a disability.

A petition, organised by people we support at Eisenhower and Stoffers Street, who are part of Melba’s ARROW, sought the installation of a pedestrian refuge or raised platform to assist community members to safely cross the busy street.

The ARROW Group members also met with engineers from the Baw Baw Shire Council to discuss ideas to make the road easier to cross, and also raise concerns they had for the busy road to help improve pedestrian safety.

The ARROW Group members have been successful in their endeavours to action change with Council confirming that they will install a pedestrian refuge on the busy road in 2022/23.

The process for the ARROW members involved has taken around eight months to complete. It was a great opportunity for ARROW to learn more about how to action change for their local community.


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